The Empowering Neurologist – David Perlmutter, MD and Dr. Michael Callahan

Dr. Michael Callahan is CEO and co-founder of the Zika Foundation. He is a highly respected “physician scientist”,  who is board-certified in internal medicine, infectious disease, tropical medicine and mass casualty care, and is on both the clinical and research faculty at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Callahan has clinical appointments globally, including in Thailand, Indonesia, Panama, and Nigeria. From 2005-2012, Dr. Callahan established Prophecy, the first rapid deployment clinical research capability for catastrophic infectious diseases outbreaks, such as Ebola.

Dr. Callahan has served as special advisor on infectious disease to two presidents, the Secretaries of Defense and of Health and Human Services, and  the Office of the Commissioner of the FDA. Dr. Callahan has been deployed to 7 mass casualty disease outbreaks, including Ebola, Marburg, H5N1 and H7N9 bird flu, and MERS. He used his experience with dengue to launch the Zika Foundation, where he is accelerating sustainable and low-cost interventions to protect women and men from Aedes mosquitos, which transmit dengue, chikungunya and the Zika virus.  His mission is to ensure that the 64 million pregnancies that occur every year in the tropical Americas are kept safe from Zika, and to prevent the epidemic of paralytic Guillain-Barre Syndrome that may well occur in southern nations over the next five years.

The interview that you’re about to see challenges our basic understanding of the Zika virus. Dr. Callahan reveals, for example, that new research clearly demonstrates that Zika virus can have long-term neurological effects in adults. He discusses how the aerial spraying efforts, so common in South Florida, are actually ineffective and inappropriate for targeting the specific mosquito that transmits the virus.

However, Dr. Callahan does provide us with some very important, and actionable, tools for reducing our risk of contracting Zika, both in terms of what we can do to reduce the prevalence of the Aedes mosquito and also how we can protect ourselves day-to-day.

It’s clear that we have to rewrite the book as it pertains to our understanding of mosquitoes, specifically as it relates to the Aedes mosquito that serves as the carrier of the Zika virus. Unlike what we’re used to, this mosquito lives indoors, and, according to Dr. Callahan, is actually able to watch our eyes to determine when is the best time to inflict its bite.

Dr. Callahan explores the effectiveness of various insect repellents and even touches upon his research dealing with genetically modified male mosquitoes in an attempt to limit the reproduction of the mosquito that carries this threatening virus. 

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  • Dave

    Aethlon Medical’s disposable medical filter has pulled out every virus mentioned. Ebola in 7 hours in Frankfort Germany. Zika also. Please read their web site.

    • Patrick Barron

      Other than promotional information from the company, there appears to be little clinical data regarding this device (Aethlon Hemopurifier).

  • Gela K

    Wow, wow, wow. Absolutely fascinating, life saving information. So greatful there are doctors like Dr. Callahan.

    • David Perlmutter

      Absolutely eye-opening stuff. Glad you think so too Gela.

  • premaom

    is there not a transcript of this…..i can’t listen…..it is too long and i am a much faster reader than the pace of listening which is so slow…..everything is in video form today……what does
    that say about Americans……i would appreciate a transcript…once should be posted with each video not just from you but from everyone…..who has this kind of time to listen to videos….it is very upsetting that America has become a nation of non-readers….

    • April

      Who says we are non readers. Get with the program of technology.

      • Barbara

        I agree with premaom! A transcript is much faster than watching a video. A 47-minute video is too long. It has nothing to do with ‘getting with the program of technology’… It has everything to do with being expedient and learning the info in the fastest way possible. My life is already packed.

    • Ron

      I agree as well, as someone whose hearing has deteriorated to the point of not being able to understand speech, either accurate captioning or an easily accessible text would be much appreciated.

  • Ronna

    video stopped when discussion turned to spraying ineffctiveness, What a dissappointment.

  • Ronna

    Hiw can I learn from the finalnpart of the interview. My area is infected by Zika and Ebola , and they are spraying for 5 evenings. ( Vacaville, California)

    • Julie Buchanan

      If they’re using Naled in arial spraying, please stay inside for at least 5 days. No air conditioning either as the airborne particles cause incredible respiratory damage and it causes birth defects in pregnant women. It’s a toxin banned in Europe since 2005.

  • Dr Jeff

    What about Round Up and these cases of microcephaly. Seems much more plausible and the biochemistry makes sense. See Dr. Stephanie Seneff’s very lucid discussion of this.

    • Patricia P. Tursi

      GMO mosquitoes were released in the same area in Brazil not long before the mycrocephalytic babies were documented. No complications from Zika had been recorded prior to this.

  • Julie Buchanan
  • sophia t

    Dr Perlmutter, if this mosquito is not resolved by aerial spraying -PLEASE contact Mayor Gimenez and Mayor Levine and help us stop the Naled spraying and inform them of this interview. thank you!

  • Trish Sheldon

    Dr. Perlmutter,

    Shame on you! Promoting risky, untested, unproven effective, unproven safe– GM Mosquitoes! Females WILL be released!

    You’re smarter than this!

    Dr. Callahan should be supporting our US (EPA) approved Wolbachia Trials, which is faster acting, safe for endangered species and is a naturally occurring bacterium, to eliminate the invasive (Zika carrying Aedes aegypti).

    Dr. Callahan should be looking into the region of Brazil where these GMO mosquitoes have been released, why we suddenly have microcephaly with Zika for the first time? And, the roll in combination with the various larvicides and pesticides as well, cannot be overlooked.

    I cannot believe you did not do your homework on this…pushing Corrupt UK Company “Oxitec” agenda! The most disliked company since Monsanto.

    In the presence of tetracycline, females will survive to bite, breed and potentially spread worse than mild Zika.

    FLORIDA NEEDS WOLBACHIA! Not Genetically Modified Mosquitoes from a misleading corrupt company, that has been caught lying countless times and works above the law and creates its own science and has not tested said mosquitoes effectively on Humans, let alone pregnant women. oh! Well, except for BRAZIL!! Thx.

    • Trish Sheldon

      NALED should be BANNED just like numerous other countries!

  • jvarg

    In the interview, Dr. Callahan stated, “About 60-70 of our total community population is indoors.” As a pregnant woman living in Miami, FL, I have been spending as much time as possible indoors. Are my efforts to avoid mosquitoes misguided? Should I be wearing long pants and long sleeves even when indoors? Thanks!

  • This is what we use here in Miami Beach. It works flawlessly, and now that I’ve seen this video, I will be ordering more of it!


  • BB

    Zika has been around for decades, but it’s only recently that there has been a kerfluffle about it. Interestingly, there are several countries like Columbia whose pregnant women have shown no increase in microcephaly despite testing positive for the virus. Brazil, however, is where the increase was noted, and this happened to occur AFTER pyriproxyfen was put into the water supply to retard the normal biological development of mosquito larvae. Of course, there’s a zero percent chance that it this was harmful because the gubbermint said it was not and was safe. /sarc

  • Vasternorrladn_4ever

    Zika was patented in 1947 by Rockefeller Foundation.

  • Maresedoats

    GM is not the way to go. Noone should jump on any bandwagon when man steps in and modifies something he did not create. Much testing should be done.

  • John Burlingame

    Sorry to talk off topic, I’m looking for a doctor that can
    help me. Soy/soy lecithin is poisonous to me. I’m so sensitive to it. It has
    destroyed my way of life, without becoming a bubble boy it’s almost impossible to
    get away from soy. Brain fog, sort term memory loss and panic attacks. My main
    issue, I’ve pulled it out of my food and products I use. The issue now is just
    a little of it attacks me. Walking into a Walgreen or Lowe’s is a chore.
    Cleaning supply or air born soy attacks me. I’m a mess before I can try to
    leave. I’ve built bikes for 25 years, soy is preventing me from my livelihood.
    The smell when I open the boxes up, contain soy, the oils on the parts contain
    soy. I’m a mess in 8 seconds. What should take me 5 min turns into 30 min with
    possible mistakes. I can tell you what contains soy, even if it’s not on the
    label. Almost all the drugs out there contain soy. I have to have my Neosporin
    and Ibuprofen compounded and all other meds as well. (Antibiotics)(Pain Meds).

  • xileen worcester

    Zika virus can be detected in eye’s conjunctival fluid
    https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2016/09/160919104504.htmSeptember 19, 2016 Source: JAMA

  • Krista
  • Jenny

    This interview was well-worth the time; it is informative, interesting, and incredible. In spite of my no sugar, no grain diet, regular exercise, and chiropractic care, I became seriously ill in Feb. 2015. A team of doctors ran many tests, including ruling out a stroke, since I had memory loss, tingling and numbness in my fingers, and difficulty finding words. As a fairly well-educated, word-loving, home-schooling mama, this was extremely difficult for my family and for me. The fatigue and headaches took nearly 8 months to recover from, during which time I slept 18-20 hours a day. 23 elements of my blood were off-kilter and, worst of all, I was completely unable to cope with more than two noises at a time, decision making and daily tasks. My brain would simply click off and I would react horribly to the stress. I began taking iron supplements, but after several weeks with no improvement my hematologist decided to do a bone marrow biopsy; thankfully, the morning of he ran a blood panel again, finding all but 4 elements back to normal, therefore forgoing the biopsy. (Lots of prayer!) However, since that time I now have Raynaud’s phenomenon, cold intolerance, and a definite change in my brain, hearing and eyesight, which worsens when I do not sleep a full 8 hours at night.
    While doctors did check for West Nile, no mention of Zika came up. The best they offered me was that they know what this illness wasn’t (based on tests) and determined that it probably was a virus. Should (or could) I still be tested for Zika at this point? The Midwest US area where I live tends to be rampant with mosquitoes.
    Thanks for providing life-changing info, Dr. Perlmutter!

    • Patricia P. Tursi

      Did you take a fluorquinolone?

      • Jenny

        Interesting question, which led me to do more research. No, I did not.
        However, I recently found that my toxicity levels are high, with xylene being off the chart. The source? Dry erase markers, which I use daily (no longer, though). Within 7 hours of starting a GI cleanse I began feeling better. I’m now through with that (30 days) and I’ve begun a 60-day detox, per my Metabolix test results and Maximized Living Chiropractor’s input. Feeling like MYSELF again!

        • Patricia P. Tursi

          So happy to hear you are back to feeling yourself!

  • Patricia P. Tursi

    The Zika patent is owned by Rockefeller since 1947 and sold online. Months before the association of Zika and microcephaly, the area in Brazil where the first Zika microcephalytic baby was documented was sprayed with GMO mosquitoes. I have read that no severe complications from Zika had previously been documented.

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